Chairmans Reserve Finest Rum

70cl | 40%

Hailing from the island of Saint Lucia comes Chairmans Reserve Finest Rum – the signature expression from the acclaimed Saint Lucia Distillers. This premium rum epitomizes the smooth, complex Saint Lucian rum style.

Blind Crafted on the Island of Saint Lucia

Nestled in the Roseau Valley, Saint Lucia Distillers emerged from a collective passion for crafting exceptional rum on-site. First blended in 1999, Chairman’s Reserve was conceived to highlight the iconic rum flavour profile of Saint Lucia.

Aged & Blended for Balance and Finesse

To make Chairmans Reserve Finest Rum, aged pot still and column still rums are patiently matured separately then artfully blended. The rums marry together during a final 6 month finish in oak vats, resulting in a harmonious, well-rounded spirit.

Tasting Notes

Inhale Chairman’s Reserve’s complex aromas of cooked banana bread, caramel apples, vanilla cream, and spices.

Each luxuriously smooth sip features robust flavours of chocolate, golden raisins, clove, and oak char.

It has a long, lingering finish redolent of brown sugar and tropical fruits.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Savour Chairmans Reserve Finest Rum neat or on the rocks to experience Saint Lucian rum at its finest.

Its balance and depth also shines in cocktails like an Old Fashioned.


Brand St Lucia Distillers
Country St Lucia
Region Roseau, Anse Le Raye
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Vanilla | Raisin | Chocolate
About the Producer

St Lucia Distillers