Capucana Cachaca 70cl, 38%

Capucana is not just any Cachaca, it is a explosion of Brazil for your taste buds.
The flavour, colour, exuberance, nature, passion and the life of Brazil all in a liquid state. It represents the most international and cosmopolitan facets of Brazil and embodies the most mysterious and unknown. Renouncing all clichés and embracing only the magic and mystery of this fascinating culture.
Each farm at the Capucana Distillery provides nuances and essences that improve the final result. Each cane offers a harmonious mixture of flavours and aromas from land rich in phosphorus and iron, which year after year nourish cereals, legumes and vegetables. It is now the cradle for a new harvest of unique canes. The name refers to the two key elements that make up the DNA of the brand. “Capu” which means “house”, “cana” which means “cane”, therefore “capucana” literally means “house of canes”.

This Cachaca has aromas of light muscavado sugar, aloe vera and white fruits. White pepper and aloe vera to taste, with pear and yeasty brown bread flavours.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

We tried the Electro cocktail and loved it. Add a double shot or Capucana Cachaca, tsp of hazelnut syrup, 1 tbs Mezcal, a squeeze of lime topped up with fresh coconut water. For the garnish we suggest some fresh mandarin and a few lime wedges.



Brand Capucana Distillery
Country Brazil
Region Piracicaba, Sao Paulo
Size 70cl
ABV 38%
Flavour Muscovado | Sugar | Aloe Vera
About the Producer

Capucana Distillery