Bounty White Rum

70cl | 40%

Bounty White Rum is produced by St. Lucia Distillers, an esteemed Caribbean rum maker with over 80 years of experience crafting rums on the exotic island of St. Lucia. They use only the best sugarcane molasses to create their superb rums.
Production Method

The Rum starts with a blend of double distilled rums made from Guyanese molasses and aged for 2 years in ex-bourbon casks. This aging lends some soft wood flavours and complexity. The rum is then filtered to remove colour, resulting in a crisp, clean white rum. It is distilled using efficient column stills.

Tasting Notes

Bounty White Rum has a clean, fresh nose with inviting tropical citrus notes of lime and grapefruit.

The palate offers some initial sweetness that gives way to mellow citrus flavours on the mid-palate and smooth finish.

The finish is gentle and easy with a subtle orange peel flavour.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Nothing better than a Mojito!
  • 50ml Bounty White Rum
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges
  • 15ml sugar syrup
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 60ml soda water
  1. In a highball glass, muddle the lime wedges and mint leaves with the sugar syrup.
  2. Fill the glass with crushed ice.
  3. Pour in the Bounty White Rum.
  4. Top with soda water and stir gently.
  5. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint sprig.


Brand St Lucia Distillers
Country St Lucia
Region Roseau, Anse Le Raye
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Tropical | Citrus | Sweetness
About the Producer

St Lucia Distillers