Baron De Signon Bas Armagnac VS

Baron De Sigognac Bas Armagnac VS

In Armagnac, legend has it that, Baron de Sigognac took all the clocks out of his cellars. Fascinated by the mystery surrounding the way Armagnac ages, he had some very strange timepieces made. The clock faces had ten divisions instead of twelve. The seconds had become years, the big hand moved only once a decade and the hour hand marked the centuries. The legend adds that, with time, Baron de Sigognac came to trust only his palate in telling the age of an Armagnac. The clocks were left unwound. The VS is a gorgeous, delicate blend of several Armagnacs that have aged for at least 2 years. It boasts a rich flavour with a smooth balance of sweetness and spice with quince, fresh plums and vanilla.


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