Baron De Sigognac

The Baron de Sigognac distillery is a traditional one.

It is located on the north wing of the main cellar, an old imposing building in the very heart of the vineyard.
At Sigognac, the distillery is primarily the place where the secrecy of the house know-how holds an uttermost importance.
To produce a unique Bas-Armagnac, you need a unique terroir.
In a region know worldwide for its wine production, Baron de Sigognac has chosen excellence : whether concerning the soil or the grape variety, the house of Sigognac selects its fruity and slightly acidic wines, the only ones that during distillation will give the Sigognac Armagnacs this character that is together both soft and powerful in aromas.

Great terroir, fresh and naturally vinified wines: even before the magic of distillation, the base product at Sigognac is already inimitable.

Driven by the love of a work well done, Armagnac Baron de Sigognac has always had a production philosophy at the heart of its work.

This philosophy which is unique in the profession works on two fundamental principles:
– The exclusive use of production methods that are reliable, traditional, proven over time, with wisdom and the age-old experience of the house.
– The deliberate choice of quality during every step of the production : sustainable culture of the vineyards, respect for the soils and nature, natural fermentation on fine lees, slow distillation in carefully selected alambics, ageing in barrels where the toasting is controlled to the nearest second:

As W.Forster said so well: ‘Quality is never an accident. It is the result of the best intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent decisions as well as their skilful realisation …’

Tasting a Sigognac Armagnac is sharing a philosophy; it means choosing quality, choosing good living and the search for an authentic and natural product.

By This Producer