Mezcal Beneva

Founded 15 years ago, Benevá is a company 100% native of Oaxaca, born from a dream come true thanks to the fighting spirit of Pedro Mateo López, born in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, who learnet the art of making mezcal from his grandparents, and who has now, with a vision of the future, created a new integral concept for the elaboration of mezcal using new technologies in his mezcal processing plant.

In less time and space Benevá produces more mezcal than ever, without sacrificing the traditional aroma and flavor of the “palenque” that national and international markets demand.

The mezcal Benevá processing plant is located in the 22nd km. of the Oaxaca-Istmo highway, in the Central Valley of Oaxaca, in an area considered as the “World’s Mezcal Capital” and instituted with “Designation of Origin”.

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