Famed for its golden sands, turquoise waters and gently swaying palms, the Caribbean is also the cradle of one of the world’s oldest and most popular spirits: rum. For centuries, rum production has prospered in these myriad islands to form a whole palette of aromas and styles unique to each place and each distillery. Meticulously selected by our Cellar Master, MEZAN rums capture the depth and diversity of the Caribbean by offering the purest and most authentic flavors.

The distilleries – some of which are legendary or no longer in operation – are all scrutinized by the expert eye of our Cellar Master. He scours this vast region in search of its hidden treasures, these ‘untouched’ rums: unsweetened, uncolored and unchill filtered. Produced by a single distillery and unblended, the vintage rums present the most sincere expression of their producer and origin. Our Cellar Master ensures that each of our rums reaches its best aging potential, sublimating the exceptional character of each of these origins.

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