Wrecking Coast Scurvy Gin 70cl, 57%

A bold, punchy navy strength gin made from the distinct Wrecking Coast distillery on the Cornish coast. Made with authentic, locally foraged Scurvy Grass, not only does this gin offer a valuable source of Vitamin C, it also packs a sturdy flavour with a robust juniper lead followed by fresh lemon and lime peel with liquorice hints and spicy peppery notes from the Scurvy grass itself.

(Disclaimer: Doesn’t actually cure Scurvy…)


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

A light, premium tonic and generous wedges of lemon and lime with gratings of their zest. Even better if you can get hold of any scurvy grass.


Brand The Wrecking Coast Distillery
Country UK
Region Tintagel, Cornwall
Size 70cl
ABV 57.%
Flavour Bold juniper, citrus, peppery spice
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