Vineyard Gin 70cl, 41%

If Rude Mechanicals was going to bother making a gin, we were going to have do it properly – from scratch and using wine from our vineyards. It’s that combination of our wine and Dr John Walters’ original scratch spirit that forms the unique base for our gin. The intensity of the flavours and aromas in Vineyard Gin come from the second distillation, where the hand-selected botanicals are distilled into the gin rather than using more conventional compounding methods. Only the hearts of both distillations are used in order to achieve Vineyard Gin’s ludicrously smooth finish.

A botanical compôte of juniper, mandarin flesh, cardamom, peel of clementine, lemon zest & wine. This is a gin that tastes like a gin… just a really good one.


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Nothing else needed apart from a premium tonic and a chunk of lemon. Lovely.


Brand Rude Mechanicals
Country UK
Region Caviste, East Sussex
Size 70cl
ABV 41%
Flavour Mandarin | Cardamom | Zest
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Rude Mechanicals