Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur

70cl | 17%

A Delicious Cream Liqueur from Wales’ Penderyn Distillery

Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur is a luxurious, velvety smooth liqueur lovingly crafted by Wales’ own Penderyn Distillery. Made with Penderyn single malt whisky as its base spirit, this creamy liqueur offers a truly Welsh cream liqueur experience.

Passionately Produced in Wales

Penderyn Distillery is located in Wales’ southern Brecon Beacons and has been distilling fine spirits since 2000. They are committed to creating premium spirits that showcase Wales’ craftsmanship. Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur highlights the very best of Penderyn’s whisky blended with fresh dairy cream from Wales.

Distilling Process

Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur’s process starts by distilling Penderyn single malt whisky in a unique single copper pot still. The whisky is then carefully blended with fresh, velvety Welsh cream and infused with cocoa nibs. Finally, it’s bottled at 17% ABV for a deliciously rich and smooth cream liqueur.

Tasting Notes:

Visually, Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur has a pale, creamy tan hue.

The aroma is indulgent with notes of chocolate, subtle honey and creamy vanilla.

The first sip is velvety soft, coating the mouth in luscious texture. Subtle honeyed malt characteristics come through alongside creamy chocolate and hints of coffee.

The finish is lingering and sweet with a delicious mouthfeel.

Treat yourself to the velvety smooth indulgence of Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur – a uniquely Welsh cream liqueur experience. Get your bottle today!

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur is wonderful poured over ice cream or fresh berries for an indulgent dessert.

For a sipping drink, build over ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with an orange twist.


Brand Penderyn Distillery
Country UK
Region Penderyn, Wales
Size 70cl
ABV 17%
Flavour Cream | Malted Barley
About the Producer

Penderyn Distillery