Domaine Le Reviseur Cognac VSOP 70cl, 40%

With over 220 hectares of vines, Francois Abécassis and his daughter , Elodie, are passionately devoted to the region of Cognac and the effect the terroir has on their production. They treat their land with respect and have created a sustainable environment for their Ugni-Blanc grapes to flourish. The Domaine Le Revisier Estate spreads over 90 hectares and embodied the the characteristics that have made the Petite Champagne cru that it comes from famous. Having being aged for at least 4 years, their old gold coloured VSOP Cognac is fruity and elegant with a touch of spice that is followed by woody and toasted notes and a pronounced touch of leather.


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Brand Domaine Le Reviseur
Country France
Region Petite Champagne, Cognac
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Fruit | Spice | Toasted Nuts
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Domaine Le Reviseur

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