Deck Chair Gin Miniature Gift Set

Handcrafted on the dreamy coast of the English Riviera by Devon Coast Distillery comes this equally dreamy Deck Chair Gin Miniature Gift Set.

Each box contains 3 scrummy miniatures from Devon Coast Distillery;

Deck Chair Gin – Original
5cl 44%
A three dimensional gin using only 7 botanicals resulting in a zesty, citrusy, orange gin with a sweet tingle on the tongue.

Deck Chair Gin – Lemon
5cl 44%
A burst of Zesty Citrus Lemon on the nose followed by rolling Juniper and fresh Herbs, ending with a long, tangy, Lemony finish.

Deck Chair Gin – Raspberry
5cl 44%
A vibrant Raspberry nose followed by a smooth wave of Juniper and Herbs, ending with a burst of fresh Raspberry to finish.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Deck Chair Gin – Original
We like a generous splash served straight on the rocks with a big chunk of red grapefruit.
Deck Chair Gin – Lemon
Serve over ice with a slice of Lemon with either a Premium Tonic for a sharp “bitter lemon” finish or a Mediterranean Tonic for a smooth, sweeter finish
Deck Chair Gin – Raspberry
Serve over ice with fresh Raspberries with either Mediterranean Tonic or Lemonade


Brand Devon Coast Distillery
Country UK
Region Brixham, Devon
Size 3 x 5cl
ABV 44%
Flavour Orange, Raspberry, Lemon
About the Producer

Devon Coast Distillery

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