Deck Chair Gin – Cucumber and Watermelon 70cl, 44%

Handcrafted on the dreamy coast of the English Riviera by Devon Coast Distillery comes the equally dreamy Deck Chair Cucumber and Watermelon Gin – A Refreshing, Summer, ‘Salad Days’ Dry Gin.

Fruit Infusions are made using fresh fruit as an additional botanical in a ‘single shot’ distillation process (nothing is added post distillation); thus creating a three dimensional London Dry Gin with a delicate fruity aroma and subtle fruity aftertaste.

Botanicals include Cucumber, Watermelon, Juniper, Coriander, Orange Peel, Liquorice Root, Angelica Root, Cardamom Seeds, Orris Root.

Dry Cucumber on the nose followed by a cascade of Juniper and Herbal tones, finishing with a Sweet Watermelon finish



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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Serve over ice with a slice of Cucumber, a twist of Ground Black Pepper with either an Elderflower Tonic or a Premium Tonic


Brand Devon Coast Distillery
Country UK
Region Brixham, Devon
Size 70cl
ABV 44%
Flavour Cucumber, Watermelon
About the Producer

Devon Coast Distillery

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