Coral De Penascal Ethical Rose

Coral De Penascal: Spain’s Most Eco-Friendly Rose

Hailing from Malaga, the multiple award-winning Coral De Penascal Ethical Rose leads the way for sustainable winemaking in Spain. Made with 100% organic Tempranillp grapes by carbon-neutral Bodegas Peñascal, this graceful vegan rosé wine captivates the senses while protecting the planet.


Family-owned Bodegas Peñascal prides itself on ethical production methods and environmentally responsible practices. Coral De Penascal Ethical Rose is crafted using solar power and packaged in ultra-light bottles made with recycled materials to minimize its carbon footprint.

As Spain’s first carbon neutral winery, Bodegas Peñascal donates a portion of Coral De Penascal’s proceeds to marine conservation efforts – helping to restore fragile coral reef ecosystems.

The Tempranillo grapes are hand-picked from Bodegas Peñascal’s two organically farmed vineyards. After gentle pressing and fermentation, Coral De Penascal Ethical Rose ages briefly on the lees to develop its elegant flavour and texture.

Tasting Notes

Take in Coral’s heady floral perfume of orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle. Delicate stone fruit notes of peach and apricot mingle with zesty grapefruit and red currant. A faint minerality adds depth and complexity.

The first sip delights with flavours of ripe pink grapefruit, peach, apricot and mineral-laced mountain spring water. A backbone of bright acidity keeps each mouthful crisp and refreshing.

The clean grapefruit essence endures, accented by delicate white flowers, fresh herbs, and mouth-watering acidity – beckoning you back for the next revitalizing sip.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Coral De Penascal Ethical Rose works wonders with a charcuterie board.

The bright acidity of this Spanish rosé complements cured meats like prosciutto, salami, and chorizo beautifully. Add in some crusty bread, olives, nuts, and cheeses for a perfect match.



Brand Coral de Penescal
Country Spain
Region Malaga
Size 75cl
Flavour Peach | Apricot | Jasmine
Grape Tempranillo
Attributes Vegan