Brecon Five Vodka

70cl | 43%

Hailing from the foothills of the Brecon Beacons, Brecon Five Vodka (also known as Brecon V Vodka) from Penderyn Distillery is an artisanal Welsh vodka of uncommon purity and smoothness.

Passionately Distilled in Wales

Since 2000, Penderyn has been producing premium spirits in Wales’ southern uplands. They are committed to showcasing superb Welsh craftsmanship, as exemplified by Brecon Five Vodka. It’s distilled entirely in Wales for an authentically local vodka experience.

The Vodka’s Distilling Process

Brecon Five starts with the very best Welsh spring water and malted barley. It’s distilled through Penderyn’s signature copper pot still an impressive FIVE times for unmatched smoothness. This quintuple distillation removes all impurities leaving behind exquisite clarity and flavour.

Tasting Notes

The aromas are remarkably clean, with just a hint of grain and minerality.

On the palate, it has a feather-light texture with subtle sweetness upfront leading into a dry, slightly peppery finish.

The mouthfeel is lush and creamy.

Treat your palate to the quintuple-distilled excellence of Brecon Five Vodka.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Brecon Five Vodka’s purity and smoothness make it perfect for vodka martinis, adding refinement without masking more delicate flavours. For a simple vodka cocktail, try a Brecon Mule:

Brecon Mule

  • 50ml Brecon Five Vodka
  • 125ml ginger beer
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • Lime wedge garnish

Pour vodka and ginger beer over ice. Add lime juice and garnish. A refreshing Welsh twist on the Moscow Mule.


Brand Penderyn Distillery
Country UK
Region Penderyn, Wales
Size 70cl
ABV 43%
Flavour Fresh | Clean | Peppery
About the Producer

Penderyn Distillery