Boudier Creme de Figues

50cl | 30%

Introducing Gabriel Boudier Creme de Figues, a tantalizing creation by one of France’s esteemed producers of fine spirits. With a heritage tracing back to 1874, Gabriel Boudier has built a formidable reputation for its unwavering commitment to quality and expertise in the art of distillation. Guided by a resolute dedication to authenticity and meticulous attention to detail, Gabriel Boudier stands as a distinguished name in the world of spirits.

Gabriel Boudier Creme de Figues is a captivating liqueur that captures the essence of succulent figs. Meticulously selected, ripe figs are artfully blended to create a drink that exudes elegance and refinement.

Tasting Notes

With an alluring aroma of succulent figs and delicate fruity undertones, this liqueur captivates the senses.

Its opulent and velvety texture strikes a flawless equilibrium between sweetness and depth.

Every sip unveils a melodic medley of flavours, where the pronounced fig essence dances gracefully while intertwining with subtle nuances of natural complexity.

The outcome is an enchanting and enduring taste journey that leaves an indelible impression on the palate.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

To fully experience the exceptional flavours of Gabriel Boudier Creme de Figues, we recommend indulging in the classic Fig Old Fashioned cocktail.

Begin by gently muddling a sugar cube with a few dashes of aromatic bitters in an Old Fashioned glass. Next, add 50ml of Gabriel Boudier Creme de Figues and 50ml of bourbon whiskey. Stir the concoction gently to harmonise the flavours and add ice cubes. Garnish with a fresh slice of fig or a twist of orange.

The result is a refined cocktail that beautifully showcases the velvety fig flavours, complemented by the smoothness of bourbon and the aromatic touch of bitters.


Brand Gabriel Boudier
Country France
Region Dijon, Bourgogne
Size 50cl
ABV 30%
Flavour Fig
About the Producer

Gabriel Boudier