Arele Vino Santo Cavit


Arele Vino Santo Cavit: An Elegant Sweet Wine from Trentino.

Arele Vino Santo Cavit is produced by Cavit, a leading Italian wine cooperative founded in 1950 in Trentino. Committed to showcasing the native grapes of this mountainous region, Cavit crafts traditional method sweet wines like Vino Santo from expertly dried Nosiola grapes.

Viticulture and Vinification

The grapes for Arele Vino Santo Cavit are grown on sunny slopes in Valle dei Laghi at an altitude of 500-700 meters. After harvest, bunches are dried until February to concentrate sugars and flavours. The raisinated grapes are vinified and aged oxidatively in small oak casks for 5 years, developing complexity.

Tasting Notes

Deep amber in hue, Arele Vino Santo Cavit offers heady aromas of dried apricot, baked apple, toasted nuts, spices and honeycomb.

The luxuriously smooth palate reveals flavours of preserved fruits, caramel, vanilla and roasted almond.

Notes of coffee and leather emerge in the multi-layered finish.

This is a beautifully balanced, complex vino santo.

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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Arele Vino Santo Cavit with bold cheeses, nut-based desserts, espuma de chocolate, or simply savour it alone as a meditative end to a meal.

Enjoy at 14°C in a fresh tasting glass to appreciate the intricate bouquet and flavours. An elegant vino santo for special occasions.


Brand Arèle Vino Santo
Country Italy
Region Trentino
Size 50cl
Grape Nosiola
Flavour Raisins | Apricots | Honey
Attributes Vegan