7 Dials London Dry Gin 70cl, 46%

The gin-o-philes at The London Gin Club pondered on the idea of coming up with a London Dry gin of their very own.

After many hours and many nights blending different botanicals they finally came up with what they think is a very nice, juniper led dry but creamy smooth gin.

Seven Dials sits between St Giles and Soho. The area was urbanised in the late 1600s where seven streets were laid out to meet a central pillar thereby forming a seven pointed star. During the 1700s the area became home to dozens of gin shops.

This gin is like taking a smooth sip of eighteenth century London, it is big and ballsy; and ripe with juniper, pungent herbs and citrus zest. This is true Dickensian fare!


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

Top with a premium cola and a squeeze of fresh lime.


Brand The London Gin Club
Country UK
Region Soho, London
Size 70cl
ABV 46%
Flavour Lavender | Citrus
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The London Gin Club