Staritsky & Levitsky

Staritsky Levitsky are a group of vodka enthusiasts, passionate about reviving the heritage and traditions of authentic, small batch vodka distillation in the historic birthplace of the vodka production.

After years of field trips, tastings and recipe research in the geographic “vodka belt” of Europe (Russia, Ukraine and Poland), they found in 2010 the perfect place for their venture in the city of Lviv, in Ukraine, close to the Polish border, where they started the distiller Staritsky & Levitsky.

This place is unique for many reasons. It is close to the protected Carpathian Mountains, with its available supply of crystal clear water wells, it has access to Ukraine’s Black Soil – the bread basket of Europe – which produces unique grains for distillation and there is a vodka distillation tradition which dates back for more than 100 years.

Their team’s mission is to use these locally sourced ingredients and revive the historic traditions, in order to create small batch, beautifully designed and authentic products for vodka aficionados just like them.

The distillery is situated in the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine. This region is famous for its cultural and social traditions and has rich distilling heritage. In fact it is one of the historic birth places of vodka, and local family run distilleries provided spirits for the courts of Russian and Austrian-Hungarian empires. This heritage and “know-how” has been preserved and improved, using modern technologies

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