Sibling Distillery Ltd

If their parents taught them anything while they were growing up, it’s that you never regret doing things properly. As the saying goes, ‘If you want something done properly, do it yourself’, which is why from creating their own base spirit through to bottling their gin, the siblings do it all themselves on site.

Although their values of hard work and no shortcuts are old fashioned, their gin is anything but. They have combined the hands-on process of mashing in our cane sugar base (using a canoe paddle – they’ve found it works best!) and preparing their fresh fruits and other botanicals, with a state of the art glass, stainless steel and copper distillery and a beautifully modern set of botanical flavours. They value tradition, but they are still happy to push the boundaries.

Their parents run a micro brewery in their hometown of Cheltenham, so it felt like the process of making alcohol was something which they were born to do. The four of them (two brothers and two sisters) chose to open their distillery in their hometown too, next door to their family brewery. Although young when they launched (the oldest of them, Felix, just 22 at the time) they had been surrounded by the industry for as long as they could remember and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

By This Producer