Joseph Cartron

In 1882, Joseph Cartron founded the eponymous House in Nuits-Saint-Georges. Supplier of Burgundian drinking establishments, the young company distributes the essential lemonades and seltzer water and also manufactures anthology liqueurs such as Sloe, Maraschino, Cacao, Kummel, Ideal Bourguignon or Bisette.

Childless, Joseph, the founder, bequeaths his business to his brother Armand who then passes the reins to his son Henri. Died in 1949, Henri will be one of the 7 founders of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin in 1934 and will be Mayor of Nuits-Saint-Georges during the war.

It was Armand, Henri’s son, who joined the company in the 1930s, who ran the company from 1940 to 1985 and left his mark on it. Indeed, it ceases the activity of wholesaler – and therefore the manufacture of lemonade – to devote itself to the development of its products with high added value, on the French market of course, but also internationally.

As a visionary, he established his brand in mass distribution when it was only in its infancy in France. He is developing the company in Canada, Japan, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United States. He travels a lot and his house is always full of friendly customers who come to taste his products.

It was during his reign that the walls of the company were pushed back to enlarge it and that the packaging of the bottles was mechanized.

In 1990, succeeding his father, Xavier Cartron took over the management of the family company. After HEC and a 22-year career in finance, he takes a new look at the House, but always with the concern of making this heritage grow.

At the age of 38 in 2011, Judith Cartron took an important turn: she left Paris and a well-defined professional career to join the family business.

Judith gradually took the reins of the company alongside her father who, for 4 years, passed on the values ​​and know-how of the company to her.

Today, it is developing Maison Joseph Cartron around a managerial axis based on the quality of a loyal and competent team, respect for everyone and the search for authenticity and product excellence. She also cultivates the long-term vision and the consistency specific to family businesses as well as a strong desire to go beyond the framework and do things differently.

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