Curio Spirits Company

Husband and wife, William and Rubina Tyler-Street became curious about setting up a bespoke spirits brand in 2012, and celebrated seeing their first products take to the optics in December 2014.

They invested in two small stills, a rotary evaporator and lots of time and experimentation with the idea of creating a range of spirituous beverages to keep on satisfying their adventurous nature and that of the consumer.

Curio Rock Samphire Gin (now Wild Coast Gin) came first, then the Peruvian Cocoa Nib Vodka and now Cardamom vodka.

They were in competition with each other, Rubina watches the gin and William oversees the vodka – it’s all healthy fun and we’re very much a team.

They only use pure natural spring water from the Cornish Spring Water Company for their distillations and they work with local suppliers whenever possible. Excellent quality is what they strive for because their consumers deserve the best.

By This Producer