Benromach Distillery

Using the finest natural ingredients the dedicated distillers at Benromach orchestrate every second of the distillation process; there are no short cuts to perfection. They make it this way to give their whisky its classic Speyside character: beautifully balanced with a light touch of smoke. Making whisky by hand is a rare craft these days.

In a tradition as old as local whisky making itself, Speyside distilleries malted their own barley. Hidden away in remote glens, they’d top up their fires with cuts of local peat when coal was running low. These cuts, or slices were enough to impart a touch of smoke in the region’s whisky. With the advent of new commercial maltings decades ago, this subtle Speyside smokiness was almost lost to the world forever. When their family bought the mothballed Benromach Distillery and brought it back to life, they gave the world back this lost style of whisky. But it’s not just the peat that makes the difference. Numerous nuances go into creating the classic character of Benromach.

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