“Not Fake News – The actual BBC have declared our Negroni Rosa the best in the Land!” – Hannah, Tinkture Ltd

Rusty HQ managed to catch up with Hannah of Tinkture fame to find out what was happening in her gin life.

Safe to say she was mega excited… Here’s why… 

“Hi Everyone!

As you may have gathered, we, here at Tinkture – The Clean Alcohol Company, are not really about awards or competitions and such… we just want to make the best and cleanest and most delicious drinks we can!


When the BBC Good Food Guide rates your ‘Negroni Rosa’ as the very best Negroni in the land and declares it the *Star buy* in their ‘Ready- made and bottled cocktail’ review…. well, it would be rather remiss of us not to draw your `attention to this development!

It actually does mean a lot to us here – and has put a spring in our step, and made us feel a little bit proud! 

We just wanted to thank Lyndsey and Andy Appleton for their inspiration, guidance and general Negroni mastery to help create this Negroni Rosa … 

And of course Miriam Nice at the BBC who clearly has the most refined, distinguished and discerning sense of taste! And Anna Lawson for putting together such a lovely piece… you ladies rule!  

PLEASE NOTE – As our new bottles are made to be as multi purpose as possible, to be used with our Pump and Spray dispensers, they have been incredibly popular (especially when used for our Sanitiser)  – resulting in a shortage of Pump dispensers! You can still buy the spray head dispenser, (I love using mine for Toner and Cleanser – they also work great for plants!) and we are working to get more pumps in stock…. and of course we have plenty of Negroni! 


We are very happy to have won … and never actually meant to write you this mail – it just felt right to share…. and we STILL have some really exciting news coming up very soon about a whole new product… watch this space!!!!! 

Stay safe, keep positive and we will be in touch soon – 


Hannah x”

You can try Hannah’s winning Negroni Rosa or Negronio Classico here at Rusty Nail Spirits.

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