Business World Whisky Masters 2020!

Written by Jon Tregenna of Penderyn Distillery Fam

“We’re delighted to announce that we won 5 Gold Awards at the recent Spirits Business World Whisky Masters 2020. The Golds went to Madeira, Peated, Myth, Celt and our new small batch Moscatel Finish. We also won 5 Silver Medals for Portwood, Sherrywood, Rich Oak, Legend and our Tawny Port Pipe Single Cask.

Together with the 2 Spirits Business Gin Masters Gold Medals for our Brecon and Chocolate Orange Gins announced recently, this means that Pendeyrn has won an astonishing 48 Gold medals for our whiskies and spirits since 2017, as well as numerous silvers and other awards.

Stephen Davies, Pendeyrn’s CEO, said:

‘These are astonishing results show that Penderyn has established itself in the World Whisky market place. We are now in over 40 countries, and the brand is going from strength to strength despite the tough times we currently live in. This is a credit to our hard-working team who have battled on valiantly in the face of the Covid crisis.’”