Mezan Panama 2006 Single Distillery Rum 70cl, 40%

The Mezan’s Master Distiller travels tirelessly across central America with an aim to find the best distilleries. The distillery for the Mezan Panama 2006 is at an undisclosed location in Panama – very top secret. What we do know is that they grow their own sugarcane on site and they even cultivate their own yeast cultures. The spirits is distilled in column-stills then aged in ex-bourbon casks before blending. The result is a warming, buttery, caramel flavoured rum with hints of dried apricots, marmalade flavours and burnt sugary notes.


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Try this over ice or topped up with a mixer of your choice.


Brand Mezan
Country Panama
Region Panama
Size 70cl
ABV 40%
Flavour Spice, muscovado, tropical fruits
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