Madre Mezcal Flask 20cl, 45%

Mezcal Madre is an artisanal mezcal made in the rolling hills of San Dionisio that captures the true spirit of Oaxaca.

Produced by the Morales family, who have been guardians of the land for over a century, the family began distilling the spirit of mezcal for personal guidance and celebration.

Madre is distilled in open air palenques using traditional production methods and a family recipe based on centuries of mezcal wisdom and pays homage to the tradition of ensemble mezcals, which blend different agave varieties, by using both Espadin and Cuishe from the dusty Oaxacan desert.

Madre’s flavour is inextricably linked to the earth from which it is derived, with a restrained smoky character that opens palates to an exploration of sweet and mineral agave notes, with subtle sage tones.

A beautifully balanced mezcal that provides plenty of interest and complexity for even the most seasoned mezcal drinkers.


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Madre Mezcal is the perfect sipping drink for Mezcal lovers.


Brand Madre
Country Mexico
Region Oaxaca
Size 20cl
ABV 45%
Flavour Sweet agave, sage, pepper
About the Producer


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