Briottet Crème de Cerise Liqueur 70cl, 18%

The Maison Briottet dynasty began in 1836 originally as a wine establishment but with the market trend growing within the “white wine-cassis” trade, the company decided to lower the focus on their wine sales and begin production of their famous Crème-de-cassis. With each generation, the Briottett family have increase their range year on year and now are the proud producers of more than 60 liqueurs. Both red and black cherries are macerated separately in alcohol (skins and stones included!). After infusing for a few weeks, the liquids are carefully blended to achieve the desired flavour. Sweet and sour cherries with a delightful bouquet on the nose.


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Delicious served in a Cremant, champagne or in a cherry cocktail.


Brand Maison Briottet
Country France
Region Dijon, Bourgogne
Size 70cl
ABV 18%
Flavour Sweet, sour cherry, black cherry
About the Producer

Maison Briottet

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