Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin

50cl, 45%

A ‘blind tiger,’ better known as a speakeasy is another term for a clandestine bar where alcohol was supplied during Prohibition. The establishment’s entryway would have an image of a blind tiger or blind pig, a curiosum that customers may view after purchasing a ticket. This ticket was usually in the form of a token that could be traded for a cheeky free G & T in a top secret bar.

Deluxe Distillery celebrates the creativity of yesteryear with the contemporary, raw, unique, and handcrafted Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin. Distilled in small batches in the back room of a concealed distillery in the Western part of Belgium.

The master distiller carefully distils three black teas for Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin.

Tasting Note

Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin begins with a rich nose of matured grain spirit, juniper, and spice from grains of paradise and bitter almond. It is extremely well-balanced and unexpectedly smooth.

Higher flavours of citrus, coriander, and lemon grass come through on the palate, supported by a warming glow of both the imperial black tea and the grain spirit, which has a 45% alcohol content and lingers in the aftertaste.

The 3 tea’s floral notes, which are prominent in the grand finale, are interwoven throughout the aroma and tongue.


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Perfect Serve Nailed!

We suggest to go classic with Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets Gin and top up with a premium tonic and a chunk of lime or use a premium aromatic tonic with a wedge of orange.


Brand Deluxe Distillery
Country Belgium
Region Kuurne, West Flanders
Size 50cl
ABV 45%
Flavour Citrus | Black Tea | Lemongrass | Assam
About the Producer

Deluxe Distillery

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