Army Commando Tom met Physiotherapist Kerry and Special Forces Operator ‘H’, through physical rehabilitation and they discovered a shared enthusiasm and vision for the future. They had an idea for an iconic brand and took a leap in a new direction.

Career ending injuries sustained during their time in the military forced medical discharges for both Tom and ‘H’. It was a challenging time in many ways and finding a new purpose in their life was essential. If you can’t find the job that you want, then create it!

‘PULL THE PIN’ was born. Not only the most exciting infused rum to hit the British Rum scene, but a name with a message. A metaphor for life: follow what’s good and Pull The Pin on what’s not. Live life to the full, celebrate what is great!

Guided by passion, driven by hardship and inspired by the camaraderie of an extraordinary team they are creating something quite amazing.